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Access and manage your bookmarks, links, and notes from anywhere on your desktop or smart phone.

Locate specific content easily and efficiently.

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Build your bookmark library in just a few clicks

Pinalist is aimed at those who want to browse the internet more efficiently.

It provides a fast and easy way to collect and organize your bookmarks while browsing.

The best way to stay organized

Pinalist is designed to make bookmark organization a seamless experience.

The app provides a simple way to save and categorize bookmarks using advanced tag management.

Quickly access hundreds of links for different resources, projects and for personal use.

Capture your thoughts

Leave notes along with your bookmarks so you can remember, understand and learn as you read.

If you find a piece of text particularly interesting, just save it along with your bookmark.

Searching, filtering and sorting

Pinalist is designed to make the process of finding bookmarks as simple and intuitive as possible.

Search through your bookmark library using keywords and tags as well as sort the results using a number of criteria.

Pin your favorite bookmarks

Use the dashboard to group and highlight the bookmarks you visit on a daily basis.

Drag and drop the groups according to your needs.

Share bookmarks with others

Create a page with your personal bookmark collection and share it with friends and co-workers.

Let others collect their thoughts and have an open discussion in the comments section.

Browser extension

Pinalist is integrated directly with your browser so you can save bookmarks in just a few clicks.

The extension is compatible with the most popular browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Opera.


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  • Browser extensions for Chrome, Edge, Opera & Firefox
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  • Limit 1000 bookmarks



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29.88 billed annually

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  • Everything in the free version
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Frequently asked questions

What is Pinalist?

Pinalist is an All-in-One bookmark manager which helps you add, search and organize your bookmarks in a simple and efficient way.

Can I import my existing browser bookmarks?

Yes, you can! Pinalist provides a browser extension that enables you to import existing bookmarks directly from your browser.

Will I be able to export my bookmarks if needed?

Yes. Simply navigate to the Import/Export menu item, look for the export option, and follow the instructions.

What browsers does the extension support?

Currently, the browser extension supports Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Opera. We plan to expand our support in the future.

Can I use Pinalist on my phone?

Yes, you can. Pinalist works perfectly with your smart phone and tablet. We plan to develop native mobile applications for Android and iOS in the future.

Do I need a subscription to use Pinalist?

Pinalist offers both free and paid plans. The free plan offers a majority of the essential features, but is limited to a maximum of 1000 bookmarks.

Are my bookmarks safe with Pinalist?

We keep your bookmarks as safe as possible by performing daily backups.

What happens to my data?

Pinalist is a privacy-focused bookmark manager. We will never share, sell or trade your information with any third-parties.

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